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 About Us

AC Corporate Transaction Services (AC) is a high-impact professional consulting firm serving medium to large companies. We provide Corporate Finance, Management Consulting and Transaction Advisory Services to clients across Africa, Europe and the Middle East. 

Our team is made up a diverse array of experts working together to enhance value. Each project delivers a bespoke, turn-key solution allowing clients to capitalise on opportunities and enhance value. 

By combining innovation with extensive experience we tailor solutions in the finance, legal, compliance or risk domain. Clients choose us when they undertake the following…
1.    A corporate transaction i.e. Merger, Acquisition, Business sale or capital raise. 
2.    A change in shareholding such a buy-out of minority or issue of shares to employees
3.    New investment (new branch / subsidiary / franchise / territory / product line)
4.    Business and organisational development 
5.    Organisational change. 

Trusted for our guidance and expertise, our integrity and values guide with whom we work and how we conduct ourselves. Our organisation is open, non-bureaucratic and trusted to provide exceptional service. 

@ AC we provide organisation, values and people to improve outcomes. 




 Our engagements are purpose built around every client. This includes structuring the work around our clients’ unique requirements, budget and specific circumstances. We do not mandate certain equity contributions, contract structures or minimum fees. We do not hide our fees in products or financial service costs. Likewise, we do not take on work at risk. We believe in long-term, value aligned investment of resources and expertise alongside our ‘client-partner’.

Our approach

Our solutions bring a professional approach with an appreciation for the businessperson in challenging times. Whilst all businesses require sophisticated tools and techniques to grow their value, our approach also understands the unique business and people involved. Our long-term relationship centred mindset coupled with our independence allows us to engage with clients effectively. We focus on adding value to our clients lives and the organisations that they are part of. 

 Our work ethic

Each engagement is purpose built, as no two clients are the same. This includes structuring the work around our clients’ unique requirements, budget and specific circumstances. We take pride in offering high quality solutions to our clients whom we treat as lifelong partners. We bring complementary skills to boost your ability to lead and grow a business. We possess the skills and experience to provide your organisation with the capacity to succeed. We utilise skills for your business as you require them. From strategy to business development, law and corporate finance, we bring a multifaceted set of solutions to your business.

Why us?

Well-meaning intentions rarely lead to good counsel. We charge for our advice because it adds value. It is based on years of painstaking experience, not what we think is the right answer. With decades of combined corporate, commercial and technical expertise we are high calibre team players working to grow your enterprise. 

 Successful businesspeople know they can’t be experts in everything. Trying to do it all leads to poorly executed tasks, a lack of focus and general inefficiency. You don’t operate on your own body – you also shouldn’t undertake many services on your business without the assistance of a professional.

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